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AC Unit Disguise

In my friend’s backyard sits a dilapidated, weathered, and visually unappealing air conditioning unit. As a favor, and what proved to be a break from job applications, I agreed to construct “something that will hide that ugly thing.” That was about the extent of my direction.

Said AC Unit

I started by perusing the internet for inspiration. I decided a simple wood slat fence would look great! With the approval of my plans, I proceeded with the measuring, purchasing, and preparing of the materials. The list of those materials:

4”x4”x10’ Pressure treated post2
Post Hole Foam Bag4

I first dug four 12” deep holes. Because the fence is not load bearing I figured this depth would suffice. I had a Home Depot Associate make the cuts for my posts because I did not have the tools at my friend’s house. I used a post-hole foam to set the posts. It turned out to be much easier and just as solid as a concrete mix for this purpose.

Leveled Posts Framing the AC Unit

Once dry, I measured the distances between the posts, went back to Home Depot, and again had an associate make the appropriate cuts of the 1”x6” stock. My friend and I stained the wood with 2 coats. Allowing each coat to dry before application of the next.

When the stain dried, assembling the fence was a matter of driving a couple handfuls of screws.

One problem I faced was making the unit accessible for future service and eventual replacement. That is where the 2”x2” pieces came in handy. I first attached the 2”x2” lengths flush to the front of the posts. I then screwed in the 1”x6” planks to the 2”x2” lengths. By screwing one screw in the corner of each face and unscrewing my initial screws that held the 2”x2” pieces in place, I made each face its own gate that could be removed simply by unscrewing each corner.

2"x2" Lengths Attached Flush to Front of Posts

Walla! A do it yourself AC unit disguise for much cheaper than your average contractor would quote you. The before and after pictures are below!

AC Unit Before

AC Unit After

I hope you liked this project! Please comment below with any questions :)


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